We are
Passionate about
Making an Impact.

Creating Insights to Ignite Change

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated, collaborative and passionate people with the technical skills and know-how to effect real change.

What We Do

We deliver innovative solutions through our data and platforms to help spur the growth of sustainable business and consumption in both developed and emerging markets.

Why We Do It

We believe the planet is in need of innovative solutions that can address the major sustainability concerns of our time. We know we can only achieve meaningful results by creating a platform that spurs collaboration by socially conscious consumers and sustainable business to address these issues.

“Michele founded HealRWorld to promote the growth of sustainable business and consumption globally. ”

Michele Bongiovanni

Full Bio

“Joe is passionate about using innovate data and platform solutions to meet the huge challenges of our times.”

Joseph Vito

Senior Technical Advisor
Full Bio

“Jostein is the CEO of one of America’s most iconic and trusted brands---Ben & Jerry’s. ”

Jostein Solheim

Senior Advisor
Full Bio

“Annette is a versatile strategic advisor with a unique blend of corporate strategy and public affairs expertise.”

Annette Richardson

Senior Strategy Advisor
Full Bio

“Heidi leverages her gifts of creativity and passion to drive real results for her clients and is the visionary behind HealRWorld’s “The 17” SDG Campaign.”

Heidi Schoeneck

Senior Creative Advisor
Full Bio

“Surya is a passionate out-of-the-box thinker who always finds a creative solution to the problem!”

Surya Mangipudi

Acting CTO
Full Bio

“Smita has leveraged her technical expertise in supply chain technology for humanitarian relief organizations.”

Smita Chitre

HRW Head of Technology & Operations, Team India
Full Bio

“Mark is a strategic thought leader in supply chain management and information systems who simplifies complex analytics for actionable results.”

Mark Aryaeenia

Data Strategy & Insights
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Current Openings

At HealRWorld, we are always interested in finding passionate change agents who care about our planet and the people of the world. If that’s you, feel free to submit your resume anyway…even if we don’t have a current opening listed. We want to know about you! If you are interested in an internship with HealRWorld,  send us your resume and indicate which role you are interested in and why you want to do this!

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