Director Data Engineering


78 North Bridge Street, Somerville , NJ 08876, United States

Job description

HealrWorld provides insights, solutions and access to Sustainable Businesses dedicated to people, planet and profit.

At the outset, we deliver innovative solutions through our data and platforms to help spur the growth of sustainable business and consumption in both developed and emerging markets.


  • Align data engineering programs to a common corporate data model and a set of corporate data engineering standards which will enable HealrWorld to realize maximum value from its corporate data assets. Key programs to align include: Master Data Management, Data Cloud and Analytics, CRM, WebCMS/Social, and eCommerce.
  • Partner with Chief Architect to create a Future State Data Architecture which sets the target for convergence and alignment of all data programs.
  • Create a data infrastructure that enables business units to be self sufficient in developing rich business insights and improving customer experience by leveraging enterprise data technology assets.
  • Drive and oversee delivery of data programs and programs on which the future state Data Architecture has key dependencies.
  • Evaluate HealrWorld’s overall “Data Competencies”, identify skill gaps and build organizational capability required to make data a truly strategic asset. In particular identify how and to what extent “Data Science” and “Big Data” concepts should be embraced at HealrWorld.
  • Partner with key business unit leaders to educate and promote the use of Data as a HealrWorld competitive advantage. From that partnership identify key business use cases that will add tangible value to HealrWorld’s business. Drive the implementation of those use cases through the portfolio of Data Engineering programs.
  • Be a company wide and industry thought leader in the Data Engineering space. Speak at industry events, share best practices with other companies, and build working relationships with key data experts.
  • As the senior Data Engineering leading, advocate for strong engineering and quality best practices to make sure that the Data is always accurate, timely, and a trusted source for business decisions.
  • Insure that appropriate levels of governance and compliance are implemented across the data infrastructure at HealrWorld.
  • Create dashboards and other tracking instruments to measure the return to the business on investments in Data engineering.
  • Maintain departmental and program budgets and financial responsibilities against plan.

Preferred Skills

  • Prior role demonstrating ability to identify, develop and communicate to executive leadership team and external customer base the value of the Corporations Data capabilities. Experience in working with an external consumer driven customer base in development of data capabilities that increase their knowledge of their end user and position them to increase revenues through utilization of data. Career experience in utilizing data and technology improvements as a strategic tool to expand and broaden business opportunities.
  • Maintain ongoing senior management awareness of current data capabilities, limitations, risks, and alternative technology options.
  • Ability to create a vision for how HealrWorld can best employ data and analytics technologies to its business needs.
  • Experience with key Data technologies, such as Hadoop, Storm, Kafka, NoSQL, Cassandra, Redshift, MapReduce
  • 10 years of progressive experience in data infrastructure development, with a track record of successful high quality deliveries.
  • Experience leading and managing technical teams in data and agile engineering best practices.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to lead by influence and drive effective change in an organization.
  • Ability to identify and implement metrics that are critical to measuring engineering progress.
  • Ability to hire, train, and grow top engineering talent in the Data disciplines.

Please submit resume in Word and PDF only.


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