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HealRWorld is focused on creating unique products and services to propel the growth of sustainable business and conscious consumption globally.

Premium Data

Our Database of global sustainable businesses demonstrates the growing number of comapnies committed to at least one area of sustainability... and includes not only the Global 5000, but also small, mid-sized and micro-businesses. We have developed our properietary HRW Assurance Ranking™ that ranks a company based on the assurance of their sustainability claim, as well as other unique data elements.

Business Reports

Our company level reports provide detailed information on a small or mid-sized company’s sustainability profile, including the HealRWorld ™ Proprietary Assurance Rating which shows a company’s level of assurance of their sustainability claim from 1-5 (from self-proclaimed to audited by a qualified certifier/verifier). Get access also to Dun & Bradstreet’s credit information to make informed business decisions.

Advanced-Geo Analytics Platform

Our advanced global geo-analytics platform lets you pinpoint sustainable businesses you care about across a number of variables. Spot trends, find companies that fit your profile, and make the most of your time with this robust platform.

Customized S-a-a-S Solutions

Leverage our global advanced geo-analytics platform to find the information you need to make smart business decisions. Combine your own company data, vendor data or other relevant data sets with ours to enhance your insights. We will customize the right solution that fits your needs, time horizon and budget.


HealRWorld’s global community platform brings together thought leaders, sustainable businesses, scocially conscious consumers and others who are passionate about People, Planet & Profit.

Global Directory

HealRworld’s global sustainable business directory contains businesses who’ve either expressed a commitment to sustainability or received a certification or verfication on their sustainability claim.

Sustainable Development Tools for SMEs

Our Sustainable Development Tool is designed to help small and mid-sized businesses incorporate sustainable practices that align with their corporate missions and track progress against those goals. Leveraging the new United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this tool helps you see how you are executing against your goals and provides insights on how to improve your performace.