According to a recent study from Dun & Bradstreet and HealRWorld LLC, fewer small and mid-sized companies in the US committed to sustainability are considered "high risk" when compared to the population of active US-Based businesses as a whole. Findings should spur an increase in capital flow and better terms to sustainable companies.

Washington, DC-- The strategic global partnership formed by HealRWorld LLC and the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) will be introduced to ICSB’s global membership at its 62nd Annual World Conference starting June 28 in Buenos Aires, Argentina ( Both parties have signed an agreement to cooperate on sustainability data innovation with an emphasis on Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs), which comprise over 90% of the world’s businesses and are critical to developing nation economies. The teams will launch this initiative aimed at developing sustainability profiles of participating countries globally based on the footprint of their respective sustainable businesses, creating country-level sustainability rankings and annual reports, and offering a method and source for data collection to governments to ICSB’s membership comprising over 80 countries worldwide.

Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists Agree to be the Faces of the SDGs for the SustainRWorld Day Campaign

SEPTEMBER 8, NEW YORK, NY - SustainRWorld Day, which launches September 8th at the United Nations, is an initiative intended to rally the private sector to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by inspiring a movement to make every day SustainRWorld Day and celebrate our measurable progress each year.

Geometry Global and “The Smile of the Child” in partnership with HealRWorldchallenge social media users to pay back our language debt to Greece

May 2016 – Under the pressure of financial crisis, education spending in Greece has been reduced by 45% and more than 1000 schools have been closed since 2011. As a result teachers are forced out of work and students have been pushed into overcrowded classrooms and forced to travel long distances each day to get to their nearest school.

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